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The Complete Harry Potter Collection Box Set A fabulous opportunity to own all seven Harry Potter titlesHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in a fantastic boxed set Complete Harry Potter Boxed Set = Harry Potter Boxset (Harry Potter #17), J.K RowlingHarry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British author J K Rowling The novels chronicle the life of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry The main story arc concerns Harry's struggle against Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard who intends to become immortal, overthrow the wizard governing body known as the Ministry of Magic, and subjugate all wizards and muggles, a reference term that means nonmagical people.تاریخ خوانش مجموعه کامل هری پاتر: از سال 1997 میلادی تا سال 2008 میلادیا شربیانی I had removed this review, which violates Article 2 of the Terms of Use:You agree not to post User Content that: (i) may create a risk of harm, loss, physical or mental injury, emotional distress, death, disability, disfigurement, or physical or mental illness to you, to any other person, or to any animal.Looking at the comment thread, it is abundantly clear that the review not only may, but indeed has caused emotional distress to several Potter fans I would like to offer my apologies to these unfortunate people, who had every right to expect better service from Goodreads But, despite the above, I have decided on mature consideration that I will attempt an experiment: I am reinstating the original review, hiding the dangerous and inflammatory content inside a spoiler tag If you are a person easily offended by negative comments about Harry Potter and still decide to click it, then you have only yourself to blame You have been warned.(view spoiler)[I got into an argument the other day with an articulate 17 year old Harry Potter fan let's call him D who wanted to know why I was being so nasty in my review of Deathly Hallows What was wrong with it? I offered various structural criticisms: the ending is abrupt and unconvincing, the subplot with the Horcruxes has not been adequately foreshadowed in the earlier volumes, and the book as a whole is overlong and boring D expressed surprise that I could call Deathly Hallows boring, when I'd given five stars to Madame Bovary and Animal Farm, both of which he considered far duller The discussion continued for some time In the end, I said I would write a review summarising my objections to the series as a whole Here it is.As I said to D, it's not the books or the author The early Potter books are cute and entertaining, and J.K Rowling seems like a nice person if someone's going to scoop the literary Powerball jackpot, why not her? What I very strongly object to is the way the books have been marketed About 10 years ago, it seems to me, some clever people figured out a new marketing strategy, which they first applied to Potter; when that came to an end, the same methods were used for Twilight Both series have enjoyed a level of success which is utterly disproportionate to their quality, and which is also unprecedented in literary history Twilight clearly follows Potter; I've had several discussions about what preceded Potter, and the answer, everyone seems to agree, is that there was no earlier success story of this kind Before Potter, there was no YA series of dubious merit that absolutely everyone read I think it's uncontroversial that Potter, in terms of literary quality, is better than Twilight, but Twilight has been evensuccessful At one point, the four volumes occupied the top four spots in the New York Times bestseller list On Goodreads, nearly half of the top 50 reviews are of Twilight books This is an absurd and unnatural state of affairs Even though Twilight may not be quite as bad as is sometimes made out I'm one of many people who have tried to defend it there's no way it deserves this level of attention.So why is everyone reading it, and why, before that, was everyone reading Potter? As I said, I think it's primarily about the marketing, though I wish I wassure about the details Here, at any rate, are some thoughts First, the publishers are aggressively using economies of scale and deals with third parties They print very large numbers of copies, and they work together with movie studios, game companies and merchandisers to crosspromote them I think it's particularly important that a large proportion of the books are sold, not at bookstores, but at normal supermarkets It's well known that the cover price is usually marked down to the point where the supermarket is not in fact making any profit; they have discovered that they can successfully treat it as a loss leader This is causing great pain to independent bookstores Some of them, I have read, have adopted the desperate expedient of buying copies at supermarkets and then reselling them Second, let's look at the content and style Even though Potter and Twilight are fairly different in some ways, they also have many strong similarities Above all, they are extremely easy to read, at every level The vocabulary is unchallenging; the sentences are short and simple; most characters are onedimensional stereotypes; the story is uncomplicatedly plotdriven; there are few references to other works of literature You can read these books if you're tired, if you're sleepy, if you have poor reading skills, if you've never read anything else They consequently have a very large potential audience.Third, they describe a comforting, emasculated world in which most of the things that make our own world so difficult and unpleasant have been removed Most strikingly, there is no sex; in Harry Potter, which is supposed to be about fairly normal teens, no one masturbates, no girls get pregnant, none of them are labelled sluts because they've had sex withthan one boy (sometimes one is enough, for that matter), no one gets their heart broken and drops out of school or starts taking drugs as a result, no one is stuck in a deadend relationship that they wish they could escape from, but can't The worst thing that happens in either series is the sequence in New Moon where Edward temporarily leaves Bella Meyer notoriously doesn't describe Bella's feelings at all, but just leaves several pages blank Once, in fact not so long ago, most adults would have been embarrassed to be seen reading YA literature of this kind; to start with, the comforting word YA hadn't been invented yet, and they would have been reading children's books Somehow, there's been a shift in standards You look around you on a bus to see what people are reading, and you can be pretty sure you'll see at least a couple of people over 20 engrossed in Potter or Twilight It's odd that this has happened, and I wish I understood why.In conclusion, I couldn't help being struck by the two books D chose to contrast against Potter D, Madame Bovary is going to outlast both of these authors because Emma is a real person who experiences the crazy and contradictory emotions that real people experience when they are very unhappy, and as a result she behaves in a crazy and contradictory way; also, Flaubert, unlike Rowling and Meyer, took a great deal of trouble over his prose, and created some of the most beautiful and ironic passages in world literature There aren't many books I'd call masterpieces, but this is one of them And finally, Animal Farm is indeed an allegory of the Russian Revolution More importantly, though, it's about how smart, unscrupulous people manipulate trusting, weak people Tens of millions of people are reading Potter and Twilight, not because the books are wellwritten or interesting, but because the readers have been manipulated into buying them by the Napoleons and Squealers of this world That's what I'm objecting to Think about it for a moment (hide spoiler)] I know I have specific reviews for each of the books, but I just wanted to add a general review, especially for those wondering what people, especially adults, see in Harry Potter When my brother was in junior high, he lent me his copies of books 14 Maybe it was because I was seeing the story through his eyes or that I wasn't expecting much from children's literature but I was surprised to find how entertaining and well written these books were They had that it factor where you can't put it down and you can't stop thinking about when you do But you've read the first book, maybe even the second, and cannot comprehend how someone would label these books as their favorite books, especially an adult? That is because the amazement, the depth, the attachment is gradual The power of this series unfolds in books 57, mostly in 6.You expect me to read 4100 pages in a series and not really like it until the end? No Read the first one and if it's entertaining (don't worry about amazement yet) read the second one While I love the 2nd book, it's not everyone's favorite, so if you like it enough, read the 3rd which is many people's favorite Just please don't quit until you've read the 4th Don't worry they're quick reads The reason I pick the 4th is because it is the pivotal book in the series If you make it to the end of 4, you'll have to read 5 to make sure the world isn't overrun by evil And if you read 5, you'll have to read 6 to find out how Harry could deal with such tragedy And if you read 6, well I have no doubt you'll read 7 at that point It's not just the cliffhanger but the ambiguity of it You're not sure what to believe any at that point And then you'll pity all of us who waited years for a resolution So if you make it to 4, you'll be hooked.I haven't answered your question about why I find this series so amazing have I? I don't have 4100 pages, but here goes my attempt to condense all I love about Harry Potter in 7 reasons for 7 books:1 This story preys upon every child's dream to be somethingthan ordinary And for all humans, it preys on our subconscious desire for there to be a little magic in life Explain the curious and give us all something to hope for in a universe we can escape to where the rules of own do not apply.2 There's bound to be a character you relate to: the emotionally neglected boy who wants to be anything in life, that funny guy who isn't the smartest or the best looking but he knows how to make life happy, the selfmotivated brain who craves acceptance through brilliance, even the kid with overbearing parents who expect much And even the ones you don't relate to become real people as you watch them grow up, mature, and find their places in life It amazes me that Rowling can write each character progressively from an 11yearold child to a 17yearold one, keeping all their personalities straight and yet evolving.3 Rowling never underestimated her position as role model nor her character's ability to shape children's life The book is clean (minus one wellplaced swear word in the 7th book which is written at a 17yearold level) There is no sex or even heavy making out, but there are the ups and downs of relationships as well as the sorrows and joys of teenagers growing up It's relatable The main heroine is not stupid or boy crazy, but a girl with a good head on her shoulders The characters care about school, work hard to achieve their goals, and are loyal friends to each other I think Rowling made a point to include role models she'd want her own children to emulate.4 The books are fairly well written and humorous While I think sometimes Rowling tries too hard, her writing isn't bad by any measure I could not endorse a series with cheesy, slow, overthetop, sordid, grammatically incorrect, wordy, choppy, incoherent, nonsensical, or any other writing style that distracted from the story.5 Each book is packed with pageturning plots Very few places in the series ever drag and the slowest is actually vital to the storyline The world has changed its consciousness to include Quidditch, muggles, and spell names because these books are exciting In every book we learn something new about magic and we find Harry closer to his destiny While we all know we are moving along to that ultimate battle, the entertainment in each book stands alone I wouldn't have made it to end if I ever felt Rowling was trying to fill up space and time to make it there 6 The story is deep and enduring While there is a lot of description, the story flows quickly, and that description, wow, it's there for a reason And yes it will take you 4100 pages to fully understand why Harry's cape in 1, Tom's journal in 2, the Potters death in 3, Voldemort's bond in 4, Snape's memories in 5, and Dumbledore's hand in 6 are important And it will amaze you The extent of Rowling's imagination, the depth of the story, and the definitive plan from the start You will be satisfied that this epic tale had an ending and a plan and everything works toward that end As someone who loves symbolism, I loved the underlying themes: the universal good vs evil, Christian themes, the parallels between the Nazis and the Ministry, the statements about activists, prejudices, and so muchThere is so much that encompasses these pages.7 My absolutely favorite thing about this series is how it comes full circle You start the series with a fun magical tale of a nobody boy who finds out that not only is there a world with witches and wizards but that he is one of the most important people in this world Sure it's entertaining but it's not deep Then you get to the end when you see that same boy as an adult standing in the same spot his adventures began and you start to see the story from other points of view The second time I read the series I couldn't just see Harry's lighthearted experiences, but Dumbledore's careful hand as he guided and prepared this boy for a mission in life that not many people could handle To see this small sad boy and know the sacrifices he had to make, somehow prepare him without letting him know the extent of the personal hell he will have to endure, and to love him enough to teach him and somehow be able to let him go in the endwell that is not a story a child could understand That is a story for an adult.This is one series that deserves its hype and fame The story pulls you along, the characters feel like friends, and in the end I could not close the last book without feeling like a chapter in my own life had ended I cried I couldn't be done with the series and I had to immediately read the entire set again to help get over my sense of loss at being done with Harry Potter I don't get attached to many things and I cry over less, but this series is one that will always be close to my heart. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why the Harry Potter series is so damn good I love it And it’s had an incredible amount of success Why? What makes it so damn special? Well for me, the answer is simple It’s so great because J.K Rowling knows exactly how to speak to her reader She begins her story by showing the reader an incredibly boring world; it’s reality: it’s mundane, grey, tasteless and monotonous So, in essence, it’s everyday life It’s just the crap that every kid has to deal with, and adults too Well, maybe to an extreme with the abuse and coldness that Harry receives, but you get my point Life sucks for him But then she reveals what every child longs for; she reveals a world of mystery reeling with the fantastic and wondrous things she writes Under the normal boring world there is hidden a better world, aexciting world: a world of magic Thus, Rowling turns off the realism and starts writing fantasy, and this is where she completely grabbed me Harry receives an invitation to a school of magic, a world of wonder, and to quote Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonker, “a world of pure imagination.” Despite his rough upbringing, nasty experience with several bullies, his awful tutelage in potions class, and living in constant fear of an evil sorcerer who wishes to murder Harry and all his friends, he actually has a brilliant time at Hogwarts He makes wonderful friends and learns much about life along the way By the end he understands the power of love, the true meaning of sacrifice, and the follies of judging someone on face value I didn’t read this when I was a child I read these books two years ago in my very late teens I considered myself an adult I considered myself mature When I read these I came to the realisation that that’s not necessarily a good thing Childhood is the time when once is most free, and perhaps when the imagination is at its peak These books brought backs lots of memories, memories of being at school and imagining a better world As a child I longed for adventure Being the fantasy geek that I was (and am) I wished for Narnia and Middle Earth I wished for somethingthan the drudgery of everyday life So I was a weird kid I was a daydreaming introvert, I probably still am Well, my point is, these books reminded me of my inner child, and the wonders that run through fantasy and children’s literature I could go on to talk about the awesome magic system, the perfectly written characters and the brilliance of the plots of each individual book, but to do so would be to do an injustice to the wonder of the writing I’m going to be posting individual reviews for each book in the series at some point soon to explainin depth things, and exactly what I like about each book But, for now, I just kind of wanted to say that this series is awesome So yeah, I think I’ve done that My review has somehow turned into a semiautobiographical piece Not sure how that happened, but I guess with some books, the books that move you and affect you deeply, you can’t describe without talking about yourself Some books stay with you, some books even haunt you, and some books become a part of you Damn, that was deep, though it’s true Only a real book lover would get this A great book is like a great piece of music; you hear it in your dreams and carry it with you as you walk: it becomes a part of you And my inner child will always be inattentive to the real world and dreaming of a faraway place like Hogwarts So, like I said at the beginning, J.K Rowling knows exactly how to speak to her reader This gif says it all to me:

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