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Flyte 3.5 out of 5 StarsDespite a star drop from the first book, Flyte is still just as entertaining as Magyk was Rereading this series, you pick up on things that sped past you the first time.Flyte showsmagic(Magyk), Charms, spell books And Dragons! In this one, Simon Heap, the oldest of the Heap sons, is still salty because Septimus Heap is now the Apprentice to Marcia Overstrandbut not him So, he decides to go rogue(for reasons I won't explain, due to spoilers) by kidnapping Jenna Septimus and Nicko adventure to save her and things ensue Meanwhile, Marcia Overstrand has a Shadow following her around, causing emotional and physical strain on her, as well as those around the Wizard Tower.As I mentioned before, the Magic/Magyk isfocused in this series, showing offspells andcharms that do certain things, like flying, reverse, identify, curses, etc With Septimus and Nicko exploring to rescue Jenna, it opens the worldthan the first book did, which mostly took place at Aunt Zelda's house.There were moments, also, where Flyte sets up for the third book and further; first, as a hint, then a littleobvious in some places, which fishtailed the story a little But overall, it's still a thoroughly enjoyable series, devouring this 500 page book in a matter of a couple of days. I loved the first book, and rated it 4 stars because the characters were so three dimensional I could really understand their motivations and believe in their personalities This second book struck me as being put togetherhurriedly than the first one There were a lot of holes in the story (why do we never see into Marin's thoughts again after he leaves with Simon? Or even have any clear idea if he DID leave with Simon? why is so little mention given to the fate of the dragon boat at the end of the book? why doesn't it occur to Jenna to ask Septimus to fly her to Aunt Zelda's on his dragon rather than go to the rat office? why is so little explanation given of the identity of the shadow? why was that whole meaningless section about dragon droppings put into the climax of the story?) I imagine some of these issues will be expanded upon in the next book, but they still could have been handled better in this book so the reader does not feel that things are abruptly dropped in or skipped over without explanation Also, the characters were not handled as well in this book Simon is onedimensional It would have beenbelieveable for me if he had some ambiguity about what he was doing There should have been some lingering feelings for his family that he had to struggle against As it was, his character was so annoying that I actually wished the author would kill him off It also seemed to me that his parents should have had SOME doubts about Simon's character, given his history Instead, they seem to trust him blindly despite having many reasons not to As a parent, I love my children, but I also know them well enough to recognize their weaknesses and faults How did Simon's parents manage to miss such glaring ones? It's been a year since Septimus Heap discovered his real family and true calling to be a wizard As Apprentice to Extra Ordinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand, he is learning the fine arts of Conjurations, Charms, and other Magyk, while Jenna is adapting to life as the Princess and enjoying the freedom of the CastleBut there is something sinister at work Marcia is constantly trailed by a menacing Darke Shadow, and Septimus's brother Simon seems bent on a revenge no one understands Why is the Darke Magyk still lingering?Bringing fantasy to new heights, Angie Sage continues the journey of Septimus Heap with her trademark humor and all of the clever details readers have come to love 🌟🌟🌟 3.5 stars Review that I posted as a comment in May 2012 because I was a Goodreads noob back then Now updated to show as an actual review:An enjoyable read :) Many of plot twist that didn't become apparent to me until just before I read them :P And at the back of the book with the What happened Befores was fun to read :D It's nice to know how the minor characters came about, something you don't always get to know in books :) What a fun series, I love how all the characters are so perfectly original and surrounded by a wonderful story that just keeps getting better with each book It is fantastic how there is always new magic in so many avenues of Septimus's young life Dragons, wolf boys, ghosts, magic all wrapped up in generations of splendid wizardry Gerard Doyle's individual voices are so good that it is easy to forget that it is just one person An excellent, clean story for all ages that moves along at just the right pace to keep it captivating and exciting Looking forward to the next book. In the second book of the Septimus Heap series, Flyte we see Septimus as the apprentice to Marcia This book is budding with a whole new lot of secondary characters, a lot of them, playing their role in the Magykal world Then, there's the Dragon Spit Fyre to which I looked forward to and then there's Simon Heap, the betraying cousin of Jenna who ressurcts Dom Daniel, villain of the previous book This book is not as quite as upto mark as the first one and I really miss the Marshes and the atmosphere there The first half of the book is great, totally great but after it it begins to fade a bit Simon can be considered from now on as a major character Obviously, Angie Sage is an expert in character development and human anatomy and understanding and conveying the reader the emotions of young Children I liked the captivity part of Jenna(The Chocolate Charm, especially) but after half the book it gets dull, though Septimus remains interesting Also recruiting the Ex villain again just in the next book is not very cool New charms, books, creatures, Magyk methods, Castle places, Characters are a major improvement in the series Sage is very particular about parentage, in this book Jenna's father is revealed as Septimus' was in the earlier book Mysteries keep unfolding every where and its really nice to see and experience TBS characters grow and improve their abilities I hated the Dragon Boat Part and those misleading boat repairs I loved the captivity, Shadow, Escape, Into the Forest, Discovering Boy 409 A.K.A Wolf Boy, Banishing Simon, Destruction of Dom Daniel Parts Interesting and mysterious book Strongly recommended to Magyk readers I notice that Sage focuses many times on unnecessary points confusing the reader, especially in the early chapters, but still it was worth a 3.5 out of 5 Check the plot: When Simon kidnaps Jenna, Septimus goes out to search for her He is assisted in his search by his friend Beetle But Jenna runs away from Simon's observatory in The Badlands and makes her way towards The Port Eventually Septimus is able to rescue Jenna with Nicko's help from the Port but they are tracked by Sleuth, Simon's tracking ball.They make their way to the Marram Marshes where they take the DragonBoat from Aunt Zelda's cottage and fly her to the Castle But they meet Simon, flying in the sky Simon drops a huge Thunderflash on the DragonBoat and it drops over Jannit Maarten's Boatyard Septimus, Jenna and Aunt Zelda are able to revive her through the Transubstantiate Triplet spell.Septimus is also in search of the long lost Flyte charm He finds the separated charm and unites it along with the small arrow Flyte charm that Marcia had given him Eventually he is able to fly and even warns Simon never to harm Jenna again Also, the rock that Jenna gave him at Aunt Zelda's cottage turns out to be the egg of a dragon and eventually it hatches Septimus absolutely adores the dragon and names him Spit Fyre The dragon for some strange reason identifies Marcia as his mummy, much to Marcia's annoyance.Septimus also rescues Marcia by identifying the shadow that has been trailing her He also finds out that the ShadowSafe Marcia is developing contains, unbeknownst to her, the bones of destroyed Necromancer DomDaniel, which, once reassembled, try to kill Marcia With Septimus's help, Marcia is able to Identify him and he is once again destroyed. Why did I pick this book: I read this book because it is Book 2 in the Septimus Heap Series When I read a series, I usually read the entire series, unless it is absolutely horrible So far, this series isn’t horrible.Did I enjoy this book? Yes I enjoyed itthan the first book, Magyk (See my review of Magyk here.) I wasused to the “misspellings” and the capitalizationit still got a bit annoying, but as I said, I was used to it this time around.The story moved faster, and the characters were just as enjoyable if notso I really liked the scenes with the Dragon Boat They were written in such a way that I felt like I was there watching the adventure unfold just like Aunt Zelda I was also excited to meet the new characters: Beetle, Wolf Boy, and Milo Banda They are all welcomed additions to this cast of characters.One of my favorite parts was when Sarah Heap told the ExtraOrdinary Wizard how it was going to be when she requested a visit from her son, Septimus That scene just made me giggleyou don’t mess with the Mom We see this same frank attitude from Sarah at the end of the book as well Sarah is not a prominent character in this or the last book but I enjoy her.Would I recommend it? If you liked the first book, Magyk, then, yes, you should read this one.Will I read it again? I don’t think that I will read this series again for the sake of reading it This may change when I read the remainder of the series I will probably read it again when my kids are old enough to read it so I can discuss it with them as they read it. This was a lot of fun! I think I was a bit gracious with giving the first book three stars but this one definitely earned the four I gave it! I really enjoyed the action, characters and story! quirky, most definitely something new to the children's bookshelves these books show a lot imagination and creativity dark with light humour in between the nasty bits i like the way angie sage also uses the phonetic spellings of 'magykal' words to show a distinction between the norm and the wizards her World is full of adventure, surprises and humour.

About the Author: Angie Sage

Angie Sage born is the author of the Septimus Heap series which includes Magyk, Flyte, Physik, Queste, Syren, Darke and Fyre She also wrote the Todhunter Moon series, and the Magykal Papers, an additional book with extra information about Septimus' world She is PDF Reader for the Connected World also the illustrator andor writer of many children's books, and is the new writer of the Araminta Spookie seriesAngie Sage grew.

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