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The Demigod Files How do you handle an encounter with Medusa on the New Jersey interstate What s the best way to take down a minotaur Become an expert on everything in Percy s world with this must have guide to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

About the Author: Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of many books, including the Percy Jackson the Olympians series Please follow him on Twitter and via his official blog.

10 thoughts on “The Demigod Files

  1. Jayson Jayson says:

    B 77% Good NotesIt s fast food fantasy formulaic fun Foundational founts of fruitful fodder, framework, and footing for future fiction.

  2. Mario Mario says:

    I enjoyed reading this so much, I loved the short stories Gotta say that my favorite was the one with the dragon, just because it had both Percy and Annabeth in it.

  3. Erin Erin says:

    Let me preface this review by saying that I love the Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series I recommend it to kids all the time, and have read the first four books I did not like this little addition I have to admit I was mightily turned off by the little Disney logo next to the Hyperion imprint Intellectual snob Little ole me Maybe the Disney thing wouldn t have left such an impression had the pictures includ

  4. Sharon Sharon says:

    Cute And now I m ready to finally go onto HEROES OF OLYMPUS WHOOTWHOOT I m super excited to read this, and to go on to the next series Percy is growing up and it s weird, but great.

  5. Tahera Tahera says:

    Right, so this has to be the quickest read of my lifefinished this in an hour flat Trying to figure out what was the point of this book though P

  6. LydiaMae LydiaMae says:

    Yes, I know that the Percy Jackson s series was aimed at a younger audience.Yes, I will continue reading and loving them until I am a withered old woman.The Demigod Files is a collection of three short stories, interviews of the characters, fact files of the Greek gods, and activities from Camp Half Blood Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot stars Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon stars Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades 1 2

  7. Molinda Prey Molinda Prey says:

    the interview part. ahh I AM VERY HAPPY

  8. Robert Chartrand Robert Chartrand says:

    The Demigod Files isof a companion novel to the series than actually part of the series itselfI think The book contains various mini bios on a few of the main characters and gods As well as a map of the camp grounds and a few other features that are sure to please any fan of the series.In my opinion, the biggest bonuses of the book are the three short stories that it contains Now, I m not sure if the stories are completely separate from the ov

  9. May 舞 May 舞 says:

    I m your friend Bob xD

  10. Miia Miia says:

    Such an amazing adventure

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